“No Outfit is Complete Without a Little Dog Hair” : Products to Combat Shedding!

Pet hair; a never ending annoyance that we put up with to have these loving creatures fill our home with unconditional love, humor and friendship!  As much as we love our furry family members, nothing ruins a great wool coat (and if it is black…forget about it!) more than those pesky little hairs that cling with great magnetic force!

Good news though…we have some neat products that can help and are surely to get a lot of use (hello brand exposure!).

Our Twist Pet Brush is a handy product that can be stored easily in a bag when twisted shut.  Simply twist the brush to reveal the plastic bristles, give Buddy a quick brush down and twist the brush again to remove those hairs!  Check out our website for more details http://www.promopet.com/p/product/ae4d61ea-1b18-4cc8-aee6-2c8b30817355/twist-pet-brush

The Reusable Pet Hair Removal Roller is great because you don’t need to refill!  Just simply wash the hair off of the roller and it is ready to be used over and over. Price includes a 1-color imprint on one location with a wide selection of imprint colors.  See our page for more information http://www.promopet.com/p/product/9ea5fe79-0ff7-4899-a7df-540d5bfd6953/reusable-pet-hair-removal-roller



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